Training for Groups

Training is offered in Cybersecurity, Website management, Time Management, Motivation, Excel and Change Management.
Training is offered at a Corporate office, A Library, Hotel Conference Room, or other Local Venue.

We provide bespoke materials depending on what your business requires. The materials are provided in electronic and print form for every delegate.

Training for Individuals

Tired of not knowing what people are talking about. Tired of the Ebooks which miss out half the information. Tired of those same speakers or videos which waffle on, and do not get to the point.

What on earth is html, script, code, wordpress, flash, PTC, CPM, podcast, Mp4????
Are those IT people running rings around you?

Private Professional Tuition is offered from an Expert.
Learn the knowledge in a few hours, what it could take years to acquire on your own.

How to:

How to Set up a website
How to maintain a website.
How to set up a blog
How to Get advertising for your site
Trundle through the Internet Marketing Maze and find a path that is right for you.
Earn money from your site
Earn money without a website
Understand the Internet
What’s all this Social Media Lark?
Do Social Media MarketingMaster Marketing with TwitterMaster Marketing with Facebook
Understand SEO and do this for websites
Exponentially increase hits to your website
Use the internet to find paying customers


You decide on the location.
A). Virtual Tuition. Stay in the comfort of your own home or office and learn via skype and telephone. I will share my screen so you can see how to do things.

Suitable from age 6 to 80. Age is but a number.

Need to talk:

We can discuss your requirements. Perhaps you are not even sure what you need.
A free consultation is offered. 

If you just want some of the above set up for you, then that’s fine. I can do that for you also. Just ask for a quote.

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