Business owners need Therapy too. We provide a listening ear for Entrepreneurs. We worked out a long time ago that entrepreneurs are special people. Thy are typically leaders, go-getters and most of the time they are very motivated. But there are down days, down weeks or even down months – when you have had enough. Plans are not working, or you have had a disappointment, or several disappointments.

Upwards Publishing provides a free listening and coaching session – for up to 15 minutes.

Pursuing your idea can be a lonely business. We provide time-out to just talk.

You never know, when you share your fears and difficulties in achieving your hopes and dreams – the problem becomes minimised and often times solutions are found.

Our aim is to make you feel better, and get you back on track with your head up. Essentially we are offering coaching in miniature form. For longer sessions, or weekly sessions, fees are applied. A coach will help you get further faster. Why struggle on your own for 3 years, when you can achieve your target within 1 to 4 months.